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The new Ontario not-for-profit Corporations Act means that we at Port Stanley Festival Theatre have had to make some changes to our membership and Theatre supporter programs.  In the past, our four levels of membership - Diamond, Gold, Silver and Bronze - allowed theatre members to choose how much they want to contribute to the theatre, and what rewards they could get in return.  Under the new Act, we can only have one class of membership, with the same fixed membership fee for all members.

To allow theatre supporters to continue to show support with the additional benefits received in the past, we are introducing a NEW program; SEE Sponsors.  Becoming a SEE Sponsor will allow you to Support the arts, Enjoy the benefits, and Engage in your community.

SEE Sponsor does not confer membership or give you a vote at General Meetings.  However you may wish to purchase a Membership along with your SEE sponsorship to ensure you receive all the benefits and a vote at our annual meetings.  By becoming a Member, you not only show your financial support to the theatre, but you have the opportunity to influence the running of the organization by voting at General Meetings.

Either option may be purchased below. We greatly appreciate your support!

$1,000 to $500

$499 to $250

$249 to $100

$99 to $50

View our 2014 SEE Sponsors
If you wish to become a voting Member for $55 please select 'Become A Member' below

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  Members of our 2014 Season  
Thank you to all our generous sponsors, members and patrons!
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