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July 4th to July 21st
Change is in the air!
Magnus Bjornson has some issues.  His finances are in tatters, his great niece is hiding out, his health is not what it once was, and now he has a determined Real Estate developer banging on his door.  What's a bachelor farmer suppose to do?  A dance as old as time itself.  A comedy about hope, last stands, skunks, and love amoung the chickens

July 25th to August 18th
Three girls, three boys, an exchange of ideas, an exploration of a favourite book....that was the plan, or was it?  Everyone gets more than they bargained for when "Book Club" gets out of hand.  Lots gets said, but precious little has anything to do with books!
A delightfully quirky comedy from the writer of "Five Alarm".

August 22nd to September 8th
Join us for our season closer and enjoy the ultimate road trip!  Florida or bust!  For his 40th birthday Alan and wife Brenda are inadvertently booked on a "Charlie Cheetle's Charter" seniors bus tour, and the fun has just begun.  4 actors play 30 unique characters in this rollicking tour de force.  Lemon smuggling and border crossings, Cracker Barrel breakfasts and bingo, Happy Hour and Walmart....

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